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The most important asset of an Internet Marketer is his or her list of subscribers, the opt-ins. Nevertheless, efforts are needed to be taken so that you can build your subscriber list and improve the size of it every day. There are several ways to have your e-zine successfully published and they are:

1. Ad-swapping
You can exchange sponsor, feature, or solo ads with another e-zine publisher to promote each other’s newsletter. This is one of the most effective ways for promoting your e-zine, gain publicity, traffic, as well as generating a greater income through increasing your list of subscribers.

It is a win-win situation for both of you, but make sure the ad-swapping is done at least 3 issues continuously to have get the best response. Similar to selling a product, following up is important to get people interested in something you promote.

2. Offer a bonus for signing up
This is a good way to increase your opt-ins. You can increase your subscriber conversion rate by giving away a free bonus to your visitors with a condition – that they need to sign up for your e-zine or newsletter.

You can increase the urge and value for your bonus by setting a time limit so that only people who subscribe during the period of time will be able to receive your bonus.

3. Write articles
Writing articles and submitting them to article directories help you gain traffic and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. To do this, you just need to add an appropriate resource box/signature after each of your article, saying that people can subscribe to your newsletter – state a price, but they can get it for free. Put a link and direct them to your opt-in page.

You don’t even need to sell them anything yet, just focus on building your list and only promote your products to these subscribers later on.

4. Have a private policy for your e-zine
To do this, simply include a statement that tells people that you will not rent, sell or give away their information to any third party. This helps to build your relationship with your subscribers as well as allowing them to trust you more.

5. Submit your e-zine to e-zine directories
Submitting your e-zine to these directories helps increase the number of subscribers to your e-zine and also help you find more people to advertise in your e-zine or swapping ads with you. Do this correctly and you can get targeted subscribers and much more partners for building a huge subscriber list.

6. Posting in discussion boards
You can find high traffic discussion boards related to your niche and promote your e-zine through your own signature. Try and post more often to these discussion boards, contribute useful information, and people will be keen in subscribing for your newsletter.

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