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Via Scoop.itBlogging with WordPress

6 social plugins that will help your WordPress blog generate traffic, clicks, social sharing, and more. There’s are a ton of social plugins, these are the top 6.


Plugins let our blogs have some additional functionality, or “cool stuff” without having to know how to program.


You should have a share plugin, allowing your visitors to share your content with their community, and an SEO plugin to hand feed the search engines.


Personally, I’m going to incorporate the Facebook Social Plugins because I’ve seen them used very effectively in blog posts. We all need more friends, right?


I’m also curious about the Photo Dropper, especially in light of Pinterest and the question about copyright  and attribution. This plugin offers images for your blog posts with proper credit to the photographer.


So, do you use any of these plugins, and if so what are your favorites? Or maybe you have a favorite plugin not listed here you’d like to share.