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What kind of blogs do I program?

When I started talking about blogs in March 2005, I was using Blogger. In January 2007 I discovered WordPress. is the free WordPress site. There you can easily start your blogging adventure. However, your blogging url will be and you won’t have the flexibility of WordPress until you have it installed on your hosting service.

Why do I like WordPress?

I want to create passive income from the Internet. WordPress allows me the ease and flexibility of putting up a search engine friendly site that anyone can keep updated without programming skills. It’s the perfect answer to someone who’s a solopreneur or small business owner. It’s easily customizable, has thousands of themes to choose from and, the plugins take the pain out of any task.

What are themes and plugins?

Themes are the design of the site. You might think of them as templates with unique looks. You can visit WordPress’ Theme Viewer to get an idea of the variety of themes that exist for WordPress. Themes are either one, two, three or four columns wide. The “style” can be changed through the Cascading Style Sheet. Very fun to play with!

Plugins extend the usability of WordPress. There are plugins for contact forms, surveys, tags, rss feeds, the list goes on and on . . . . Visit the WordPress Plugin page to see examples of what plugins can do for a WordPress site.

Sites I’ve Programmed with WordPress

Sites That Use WordPress To Manage Their Content

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