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Debra Simpson on WordPressIn this post from Social Media Examiner, you’ll discover plenty of gems to boost your blogging success. From the very popular Anti-Spam plug in, Akismet, to design elements, formatting your posts and displaying your Gravatar image.

More tips include how to get the most out of your title or headline, which is so important as your site visitor is making quick decisions about whether to explore your content or bounce off your site. A snappy headline is just the bait you need to lure them further into your site.

The post also shares info about JetPack, what it is and how you might use it.  I had no idea how much JetPack has to offer to a WordPress blog. It will require you having an account at

There’s so much more, in fact a total of 26 gems to make your blog a success. Check it out. Are you using one or more of these 26 essentials?